//  VCU GDES Senior Show 2020 personal exhibition space  //  May 2020
a digital fridge gallery on the web  //  December 2019
interaction with gallery on web  //  interactive illustrated and photographic elements  //  coded in HTML and CSS
XMONDO  //  Image creation and design for web banner promoting hair color line  //  designed in Illustrator and IndDesign using requirements for copy, CTA, dimensions, and brand identity
XMONDO  //  Layout and design for social media content increasing brand awareness  //  Instagram post caption: "There’s no way to blend in when you’re the type to stand out. 👀🔥 Our color line makes you feel like YOU — and you’re bound to want to show off."
XMONDO  //  Image creation and design for social media content boosting benefits of products  //  Instagram post caption: "Splash! 💦 Our Hydraglow Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner lock in moisture and cancel frizz. 😵 All hair types and color-treated hair glow up with antioxidants, oils rich in vitamin E, and fatty acids."
Nanny Paws  //  //  Web design for all-around custom pet care company  //  Squarespace website builder with custom assets created in Indesign and Illustrator
tactile app prototype  //  December 2018
screens of tactile app prototype  //  research and process including identified need and concept for function  //  December 2018
thanks handmade web workshop animated using HTML and CSS  //  November 2019
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