Snapchat  //  design of pitch deck for final branding of Snap Holiday Market  //  design of custom pattern, text layout, presentation design and slide template design  //  concept, colors, and shapes by Summer McClure
GEICO  //  Scoop! There It Is! ice cream pint  //  GEICO x Tag Team x Mikey Likes It Ice Cream  //  finalization of mechanicals and mockup, adjustment of established logo/type/image lockup, text and image layout, color finalization, optimization of drips/sprinkles illustration, logo layout, and pattern of lid edge using established design direction and assets  //  View in use
Snapchat  //  additional type exploration for initial design direction of Snap Holiday Market  //  using established design concept, developed striking typography for additional type exploration  //  design identity, colors, shapes, screens, and deck design by Summer McClure
The Martin Agency  //  LinkedIn header for CEO Kristen Cavallo  //  custom digital illustration representing eight all-star clients of The Martin Agency
Snapchat  //  Hispanic Heritage Month 2021 stickers  //  custom illustrations celebrating innovation and cultural contributions of Hispanic creators
GEICO  //  Scoop! There It Is! ice cream truck wrap  //  GEICO x Tag Team x Mikey Likes It Ice Cream  //  finalization of design and mockup, text and image layout, adjustment of established logo/type/image lockup, color finalization, optimization of drips/sprinkles illustration, and logo additions using established design direction and assets  //  View in use
The Martin Agency  //  variation of Martin Grotesk typeface  //  initial development of characters A-I in lighter weight without inkwells using Glyphs 3  //  original custom typeface Martin Grotesk by Brooks Heintzelman
GEICO  //  Scoop! There It Is! concepts for social posts  //  layout, custom type lockup, and pattern
Koda Digital  //  sales documents and illustrated email header  //  custom illustration and type layout according to self-defined brand guidelines and color story
Orthopedic Associates  //  anatomically accurate custom illustration set  //  using brand identity guidelines, illustrated set of nine reductive skeletal icons in multiple colorways for modular use on social media and website
Orthopedic Associates  //  EDDM direct mailer for new location  //  design and layout of text and images in InDesign, custom illustration of ribbon in Illustrator, photo editing in Photoshop
Snapchat  //  Comps of experiential activation through mobile app and parade float concepts for Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2021  //  assistance with art direction, comp creation with Photoshop and Illustrator  //  window activation collaboration with Randee Rose Joven, parade float concepts by Sydney Aloe
Studio Two Three  //  Spring 2020 class flyer  // illustration, type layout, and print production of four-color risograph print with class offerings
Studio Two Three  //  set of four handouts that collectively make one larger poster - pre-separation for risograph printing  //  illustration, custom type design, and type layout
Studio Two Three  //  design and two-color screenprint over "misprint" totes for sale in shop  //  collaborative design of blue and white graphics and printing with Kenan Potter
Studio Two Three  //  holiday design intended for sale in Studio Two Three's Winter Print Fair 2019  //  illustration
Snapchat  //  DoorDash  //  GEICO  //  Old Navy  //  Happy Egg  //  Penske  //  The Martin Agency
Studio Two Three  //  Koda Digital  //  The Nature Conservancy  //  Orthopedic Associates
EyesNY  //  Rapid Med Urgent Care  //  University Urgent Care  //  ReEstablish Richmond
Nanny Paws  //  Avatar Healthcare  //  Flower Mound Presbyterian Cemetery  //  Austin Heerwagen
projects in the press
GEICO Scoop! There It is! Ice Cream and Truck  //  finalization of designed mechanicals for ice cream pint and truck wrap for social media posts and activation, visualization of concepts for social media content and posters
MUSE by Clio  //  AdWeek  //  AdAge  //  USA TODAY  //  Food & Wine

Snap Holiday Market  //  conception of design directions and branding, presentation design
AdWeek  //  AdAge​​​​​​​
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