petite risograph posters  //  April 2019
plush petite posters  //  March 2019
custom character set and poster design for Cast of Characters workshop with Lauren Thorson in Seoul, South Korea  //  collaborative screenplay and ideation with Korean Kyung Hee University students  //  //  October 2019
inviting you to overindulge in comfort  //  three-color risograph print  //  February 2020
journey map of a dentist visit  //  February 2019
icons, images, and meditations of Florence, Italy  //  June 2018
one-color risograph receipt of the ideal comfy day  //  February 2020
nonsense  //  collaboration with Jeffrey Pohanka, Mia Navarro, and Tyler Scott
20 responses to questions from Paul Thek  //  36x55"  //  January 2018
collection of extraneous things used to appear more cute  //  February 2018
wrapping paper  //  September 2018
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